healthcare social media

The Advantages of Healthcare Social Media

We all know that the world of social media is hot right now. There are dozens of options that individuals and businesses are utilizing to bolster their bottom line. . Here are some of the best reasons that you should be investing time and energy into social media. 

Healthcare Social Media Connects with Your Patients

Internet use is one of the most important ways people can connect, regardless of their intention. Additionally, social media use continues to be on the rise. With the increased use of popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, it makes sense to go where your patients are located. 

Current estimates suggest that more than 244 million people (almost 80% of the total population) in the US use social media today, and that number is forecast to be 257 million in 2023. That means that establishing a presence today can help position your practice for future growth. 

Keep Patients Informed of Changes

Current or potential patients who subscribe to your channels or match your targeted demographics can get regular updates on your practice. You can use social media to spread your news!

Social media can be a fast means of getting out time-sensitive information. If the end of the year is coming up, you may want to remind patients that deductibles will reset. Many private practices see significant increases in their scheduled appointments when they create campaigns to inform patients that it’s time for a new vaccine or allergy shot. 

Increase Availability with Your Healthcare Social Media

Many practices are incredibly considerate of their patients’ needs and their reluctance to contact their office. By offering multiple ways to connect with your staff, you increase the odds of having somebody reach out to communicate with you. One special consideration for healthcare providers is privacy laws. Many social media platforms are not secure, and there is potential that your client’s account isn’t real. Be mindful of the topics you discuss unless you’re in a secured communication portal. 

Managing Your Social Media Presence

Creating and maintaining your social media persona can be as straightforward or complex as you’d like to make it. While there are certain tricks that professional marketers and copywriters use to improve your results, the most important thing is to start. As healthcare professionals, it is crucial to ensure that your topics remain accurate, relevant to your community, and maintain regular posts. 

If you are considering starting a healthcare social media presence on any platform, consider bringing on professionals. At McDonald Content Solutions, we specialize in quality medical content for your practice. We can design, write, and even schedule all of your posts.