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What Does Your Medical Content Say About You? 

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Medical professionals are great at what they do. The level of expertise and professionalism that it takes to run a successful practice is genuinely astounding. However, when it comes to crafting great medical content, many doctors are left feeling lost. If you are looking to craft great content that connects with your patients, there are a few things that you should consider. After all, it takes a great message to convey your great ideas. 

Focus on Your Audience

If you are trying to connect with patients, it’s unlikely that they have the same vocabulary and terminology that you do. It is essential to think about specific phrases that your potential patients will type when they search. You can avoid using the technical terms for conditions and opt for common language. It is a great idea to have somebody else read over your content and figure out the simplest ways to phrase a thought. 

Be Yourself

Today’s world is changing. In a competitive market, your potential patients aren’t just looking for the doctor who graduated at the top of their class with an ivy league degree. Instead, online reviews, bedside manner, charisma, and your personal story all make a difference. Patients want to feel a common connection to the people who care for them. With this in mind, it’s okay to put a more casual tone into your online content. Tell a story about your background, what makes you human, and why should they trust your practice? 

Avoid the Self-Promotion

Studies show that customers and patients react negatively to gimmicky or blatantly biased advertising. Instead, focus on pushing informative and relevant content. You want your patients to leave your website with answers to their questions. We’ve also found that patients who come into the office with a basic understanding of office practices are more likely to be compliant and trusting of your diagnosis and treatment. 

Be Patient

Writing content can often seem like a thankless job. The results aren’t immediate. We often tell our clients that they shouldn’t expect to see an increase in website traffic for at least three months, but it can often take longer depending on local variables. However, content can also produce sustainable traffic over long periods through generic search results. Generic traffic doesn’t cost you anything. It is the result of having a website that answers your patient’s questions. 

Of course, writing content, especially for months on end, takes a lot of time and dedication. Additionally, if you don’t get things just right — all your hard work could be wasted. If you’re considering incorporating content into your medical blog, contact Medical Content Solutions today! We work with you to develop authoritative and informative content that connects you to your patients.

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