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Basics of Healthcare Blogging

Whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, or another type of medical professional, you have the ability to be a medical content writer. Healthcare blogging and other medical writing services are valuable to the general population. Not everyone has instant and immediate access to healthcare. It’s your job as a medical content writer to give them the information they need to make an informed decision. 

Whether you’re currently in the business of healthcare blogging or thinking about starting one, here are some things to keep in mind.

Accuracy is Crucial 

Accuracy is essential with any topic you’re writing about. It’s especially important for healthcare. Giving people false or faulty information in your healthcare blog could lead to mistrust. For that reason, you must use your own knowledge while performing research to see what other sources are saying. 

Stay in Your Lane 

The best way to ensure you’re giving out accurate information is to stay in your lane. Physical therapists, for example, should stick to topics within their scope of practice. At the bare minimum, you should always have your work reviewed by a medical professional specializing in your article’s subject. 


Always Write With a Target Audience in Mind 

It’s imperative that you decide who your target audience is before starting each blog. If you’re writing about conditions that mainly affect the elderly, you want to make sure your article is worded and structured so that they can understand it. 

You should write your blog so that everyone can understand it. Avoid using medical jargon or complex diagnoses unless you plan to explain them in layman’s terms. This is especially important for medical writing in clinical research. 

Hit on Keywords 

Hitting primary and secondary keywords in Google is necessary. For that reason, it might be a good idea to utilize an SEO tool or take a few classes on SEO optimization. You’ll be amazed at how many more people read your blog simply because you added the right words in the right places. 

Be Patient 

Ultimately, you’re not going to see tons of results or visitors to your healthcare blog overnight. It will take time, sometimes up to several years, for your blog to land on Google’s radar and get featured on their first page of search results. Patience and staying the course are extremely important for successful healthcare blogging. 

Contact Us 

Basics plays a significant role in turning your healthcare blog into a success. However, accuracy is the most important. Even if your blogs rank high on Google and get featured on the first page, they will be worthless if the information is wrong. You run the risk of hurting someone with erroneous information. People will also stop trusting you. As long as you write correctly about relevant information, people will start to take notice and give your blog the attention it deserves.

If you need help with your health blogging, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Medical Content Solutions. We offer free quotes, and your first blog is free!

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Prioritize Your Patients Needs Through Medical Writing

Ensuring a patient feels heard and comfortable is essential for the relationship between patients and doctors. Many need to feel like their concerns are understood, and it takes many different factors for them to feel like they’re getting the care they need. Outside of one-on-one time with a doctor, patients have all kinds of eager questions that they’re looking for a quick answer to, and many of them would rather rely on the doctor they trust.

Considering they can’t usually get this kind of direct help outside of appointments, there are a few effective ways you can connect with your patients on a more consistent basis. This article will dive into how medical writing can help you consistently prioritize your patients’ needs while driving more eyes toward your medical practice.

How Medical Writing Can Help

Content writing, in general, can do wonders for a medical practice, as it gives them a chance to show their expertise in their field while showing their patients that they have a close eye on the ailments they suffer from. Medical writing allows you to stay on top of current developments and gives your patients a sense of peace of mind as it helps them stay informed. Better yet, it’s coming from a source they trust, rather than a random article online that only induces more anxiety.

Of course, medical writing can be time-consuming, and doctors already have a lot to manage on their plate. You can always look into doing this for yourself, but if you want to stay on top of a consistent schedule, it never hurts to seek out some help from a content writing expert, especially with the technical nature of medical writing. If you like adding medical content to your practice’s website, considering a medical content writer might be an excellent idea for you and your patients.

Connect with Patients on a Deeper Level

A medical practice can build a connection with their patients outside of scheduled doctor visits, and one of the best ways is by providing online content for them to view whenever they like. Medical writing is relatively technical and can take up quite a bit of time, and unfortunately, many medical practices simply don’t have the time to manage this themselves. This is where a medical content agency can make a difference, as they can handle the content for you and make sure it stays updated consistently to keep your patients and viewers satisfied.

Overall, you’ll want to work with a medical content writer who can match your expertise by performing the necessary research to convey the required medical knowledge. Working with us at Medical Content Solutions is an excellent idea for any medical practice looking to craft a stronger relationship with their patients on a deeper level while displaying themselves as a leading force in their particular field. Reach out to us to see how this can benefit your practice and how we can help you make a difference for you, your patients, and your practice.

Healthcare Social Media Stand Out

3 Best Tips to Help Your Healthcare Social Media Stand Out

Patients are increasingly using social media to help them make health-related decisions. This creates an opportunity for healthcare providers to attract and convert more of these patients to their practice by utilizing healthcare social media. The key is understanding how to make social media stand out, and we have three tips that have been proven to help doctors grow their practice and improve their quality of patient care.

#1 – Develop An Online Personality Based On Your Practice 

The way you portray yourself to your patients has a lot of bearing on how they will relate to you, and this is crucial if you want them to trust you enough to visit your practice. You need to ask yourself if you’re going to be a cold, hard facts kind of persona or maybe someone who is playful or makes them want to lighten up through accurate but lighthearted healthcare content.  

The style of your healthcare content writing can help patients build trust and rapport. A good healthcare content agency understands how to make patients respond in a way that will promote your practice. 

#2 – Provide users with medical content they cannot find elsewhere

You and your staff are likely to be up to date with current medical information, and this is a powerful healthcare content marketing tool. Sharing medical content on social media will educate your readers and refute common misconceptions about which remedies to seek on their own. Still, it will likely drive them to want to see you for treatment. 

#3 – Share Updates About Your Practice

Medical practices often like to share information about any changes they have recently made. Perhaps you started offering a new treatment, purchased a new diagnostic machine, or renovated your waiting room. There might even be temporary changes you want to share, like letting patients know your practice will close early one day. You will find that your social media followers will appreciate getting this information, and they will respond by bringing you more business.

Elevate Your Healthcare Social Media

Running your practice can take up a lot of your time, and wanting the benefits of social media does not necessarily mean you have time in your busy schedule. McDonald Content Solutions understands that doctors have a lot on their plate. That is why they have honed the skills to promote you on social media so that you can focus on your patients, staff, and stay on the cutting edge of research. Contact us today and let us provide you with the peace of mind that you are well represented. 

Great Medical Blog

5 Ways to Create a Great Medical Blog

A medical blog can be one of the most efficient marketing tools at your disposal because it is cost-effective to produce a positive return on your investment and grow your practice. A medical practice that blogs will always get better results because patients are interested in your medical content as a way to educate themselves and get to know you better, and the more this happens, the more likely they are to trust you as their healthcare provider. 

As the number of your medical practice’s blog posts grow, so will your ability to rank well on google. The best way to go about this is by investing in a healthcare content agency because they will be critical to a robust marketing plan, resulting in more patients coming to your practice. 

There Are 5 Ways Your Medical Blog Can Kill it Online

  1. Content. Any successful medical blog will always have medical content that you can not find in mainstream media. Patients want valuable answers to many of their concerns, and this comes from creative healthcare content writing that is explained in a way the average patient will understand
  2. Recent posts. Patients are looking for medical information and medical opinions that are fresh. If a medical practice regularly updates its blog, it can maintain patient interest and keep the blog up to date with search engines, to improve its online presence.
  3. Comments. Blog posts will often take on a life of their own in the comments section. This adds another dimension to the blog and further engages the reader. 
  4. Formatting. A well-written text will have shorter paragraphs with catchy headings to hold the reader’s eye without overwhelming them with too much information in a single block of text.  
  5. Keywords can improve your search engine rankings because they inform search engines about what content is on your blog. This is another way to increase your online presence and allow more patients to discover you.

Medical Content Solutions Delivers for Your Medical Blog

At Medical Content Solutions, we know that your medical blog can be a powerful healthcare content marketing tool because we have seen how this has helped our clients in the past. The writers at McDonald Content Solutions understand the five ways to make a medical blog successful. They have the skills to engage the average reader with your medical content. 

Contact us today to see how we can increase your online presence with a medical blog that reaches new patients and brings you the business you need to thrive in the healthcare industry.


Medical White Paper

The Best Reasons to Produce a Medical White Paper

A medical white paper is an in-depth article designed to educate and inform site visitors of your product or service. While white papers started as documents used by government bodies to argue policy decisions, they have evolved in their application which is why the medical industry uses them for healthcare content marketing purposes. A medical white paper is entirely objective; it provides the details of a medical product or service concisely and logically without any sales pitch. Here are some of the best reasons to produce a medical white paper to deliver your message to a wide audience. 

The purpose of a medical white paper is to establish trust with the patients or other healthcare professionals who are looking for medical content for educational purposes. The beauty in what makes them an excellent healthcare content marketing tool is that they provide information that will bring in new business without disreputable sales tactics.

A Multitude of Goals

A primary goal of a medical white paper is to position your medical practice as a trusted resource within the industry and among patients. This way, your practice can attract new business by raising others’ level of awareness through constructive healthcare content writing. 

A medical white paper is also intended to educate patients about new procedures, research, and regulations that affect your medical practice and the industry. An additional goal is to present new research to others in the medical profession, which might spark interest in procedures or products provided by your practice.

Focusing On the Benefits

For a medical white paper to encourage another to take an interest or an action, it must list the benefits they will receive from that product or procedure. For example, a medical white paper could explain cutting-edge technologies available to a patient that a doctor may not have time to explain in-depth in an office visit.

Medical Content Understands Medical White Paper

The writers at Medical Content Solutions (MCS) are well-versed in the structure and function of medical white papers. As a healthcare content agency, MCS has both the creative licensing and the technical knowledge to write a solid, compelling white paper so that it provides your practice with tangible benefits over a long period. 

By trusting MCS as your healthcare content agency, you will be allowing us to do what we do best so that you can get on with the business of focusing on what matters most to you and your practice. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow with a compelling medical white paper.

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Why Your Medical Content Needs a Healthcare Editor

It can be surprising to learn how inaccurate health information is on the web—this positions healthcare providers with an opportunity to combat this problem with evidence-based error-free information. Doctors are likely to gain more patients this way and develop themselves further professionally. While medical professionals often turn to a healthcare content agency to create blog posts that the average patient will relate to, we know there are still exceptions where medical professionals will write their medical content. 

When medical professionals write content, they often use jargon that is difficult for the average reader to understand. The internet can reach people near and far, but people will only receive the critical information doctors can offer if they can understand the message. Healthcare content writing experts have experience relating to the average reader. They can take complex medical concepts and turn them into something the general public will understand and enjoy reading.

Medical Editing Is the Secret Ingredient

One of the many benefits of having your blog edited is that you get to test drive your medical content on an audience who knows from experience what type of healthcare content writing will attract more readers. An editor will also take your writing to the next level by offering you tips and insights to make you a better communicator moving forward. Writers are continually growing, and a healthcare content agency knows from experience that our writers did not develop their talents overnight. 

Adding Flow and Clarity to Healthcare Content

Your healthcare blog can bring you more patients as a healthcare content marketing tool. An editor can add flow and clarity to your writing by removing awkward phrasings or biased language. A healthcare content agency will decipher your medical terminology and make your medical blog understandable to the general public. Writing that attracts the average reader often takes on a rhythm that ties together with logical connections naturally embedded so that it is pleasing to their eye while raising the reader’s level of awareness. 

Delivering Accurate Medical Content in the United States

At Medical Content Solutions, our editors are trained in grammar and organization and understand how to reorganize and present writing in a manner that appeals to the reader. We will clarify your ideas and check for accuracy in small details because we know that what you write will represent you, and we want your reputation and waiting room to grow. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference in your medical practice.