21 Mar

3 Best Tips to Help Your Healthcare Social Media Stand Out

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Patients are increasingly using social media to help them make health-related decisions. This creates an opportunity for healthcare providers to attract and convert more of these patients to their practice by utilizing healthcare social media. The key is understanding how to make social media stand out, and we have three tips that have been proven to help doctors grow their practice and improve their quality of patient care.

#1 – Develop An Online Personality Based On Your Practice 

The way you portray yourself to your patients has a lot of bearing on how they will relate to you, and this is crucial if you want them to trust you enough to visit your practice. You need to ask yourself if you’re going to be a cold, hard facts kind of persona or maybe someone who is playful or makes them want to lighten up through accurate but lighthearted healthcare content.  

The style of your healthcare content writing can help patients build trust and rapport. A good healthcare content agency understands how to make patients respond in a way that will promote your practice. 

#2 – Provide users with medical content they cannot find elsewhere

You and your staff are likely to be up to date with current medical information, and this is a powerful healthcare content marketing tool. Sharing medical content on social media will educate your readers and refute common misconceptions about which remedies to seek on their own. Still, it will likely drive them to want to see you for treatment. 

#3 – Share Updates About Your Practice

Medical practices often like to share information about any changes they have recently made. Perhaps you started offering a new treatment, purchased a new diagnostic machine, or renovated your waiting room. There might even be temporary changes you want to share, like letting patients know your practice will close early one day. You will find that your social media followers will appreciate getting this information, and they will respond by bringing you more business.

Elevate Your Healthcare Social Media

Running your practice can take up a lot of your time, and wanting the benefits of social media does not necessarily mean you have time in your busy schedule. McDonald Content Solutions understands that doctors have a lot on their plate. That is why they have honed the skills to promote you on social media so that you can focus on your patients, staff, and stay on the cutting edge of research. Contact us today and let us provide you with the peace of mind that you are well represented.