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Why You Should Avoid Generalist Writers for Niche Medical Content

Hiring someone to write niche medical content for your business can involve some level of risk until you get to know the person or company you hire. You must find someone who will earn your trust by delivering medical content to engage your readers with the ideas and terminology that apply to healthcare content writing. If you hire a general writer, you run the risk of getting someone who has to spend additional time researching the subject you ask them to write about, and this may strain them in meeting your deadlines, getting you both off on the wrong foot. 

Some general writers will not know how to appeal to your audience simply because they know too little about your audience and have no experience relating to them. From the general writers’ perspective, they may not have much interest in your industry and therefore find it a subject they are not good at.

Strengths of a Niche Writer

A healthcare content agency understands your audience because they have written for them in the past. They also understand the concepts and ideas behind the medical content that will educate your readers and earn their trust in you. When you hire a healthcare content agency, you can be more certain your deadlines will be met because they already know the subject matter, so that they will spend less time researching and more time perfecting the language that will capture your audience. 

A healthcare content agency knows all the ins and outs of the medical industry because they have found a personal interest in it. Over time, applying this interest has gained their in-depth knowledge about the topics your readers want to know more about. This is important because engaging the interest of your readers is the first step in selling them your product or service.

Let Us Help You With Your Niche Medical Content

You can save yourself valuable time finding the right fit for your healthcare content writing needs by contacting a healthcare content agency that already understands the unique challenges and needs of the medical industry. At Medical Content Solutions, we are passionate about healthcare content writing, so we only focus on this niche. Contact us today, and we will help you establish a better online presence that will allow your customers to know and trust your services. 



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Top 5 Writing Tips for Your Healthcare Blog

Developing appropriate topics to help connect your medical practice with your patients can feel like a daunting task. While you might have a few ideas for initial topics, writer’s block can frequently set in pretty quickly. To help keep your healthcare blog operational and connecting with prospective patients, follow these tips to produce meaningful healthcare content and educate your community. 

Allow Healthcare Blog Topics to Strike Anytime

You don’t always have to be working on your medical blog to suddenly be struck with the next brilliant idea that your audience might NEED to know. For that reason, it is important to keep tools nearby so you can quickly capture your ideas when creativity strikes. Several people keep notepads and pens strategically placed around their homes, cars, or office. Additionally, small pocket notebooks can be kept with you at all times so that if your next patient gives you a brilliant idea for a topic that you don’t have to run out before you forget. 

Curate Your Photo Library

Healthcare blogs have a variety of different purposes, and this idea has multiple benefits. Your online healthcare content is designed to help connect and educate your audience. One of the most significant benefits of using personal photos is building initial trust with prospective patients before they ever set foot in your practice. 

Additionally, capturing your photography helps to eliminate using stock photos but can also help to inspire some of your following blog topics. With today’s digital technology, many phones can capture excellent quality images that you can use on your website. That means that you don’t even need specialized photography skills to capture some great moments. Just a note for medical professionals, be sure that your photos don’t catch any sensitive patient information.

Identify Your Goals

While writing on just about any topic can be interesting to some people, be sure that you keep your prospective patients in mind. Instead of writing about an obscure medical practice or healthcare topic, consider ensuring that your issues are relevant to your audience. As summer nears, many doctors focus on heat-related injuries and their avoidance. These are good practices to use to make sure that your community benefits from your efforts. 

Make it Interactive for Your Patients

Being able to draw your audience into your work and allowing them to take an active role in your practice can help to increase trust and buy-in from your audience. Consider adding a fun poll question into a blog, or make sure to ask for comments in the section below. However, if you ask for comments, be sure to continue your interaction after your blog has posted. Also, as mentioned before, be sure to avoid potential questions that might expose private patient information to your audience. 

Make Your Healthcare Content Creation Strategy Personal

Coming up with a long-term healthcare content creation strategy can help you stay focused on your overall goals. You can double down on this approach by making your content personal to you. While your patients come to you for your unique expertise, it doesn’t hurt to pull back the curtain a bit and let them see into your life. Consider writing topics on “a day in the life” that covers you and your staff. You can also include short stories or blurbs about a pet, child, or your hobbies. Making efforts to allow your patients to see you as a person rather than just a doctor helps build personal rapport. 

Think About Using a Healthcare Content Agency

Of course, this approach can take some considerable time and energy. If you are a busy medical professional, coming up with a long-term strategy can feel daunting enough, but finding the time to write and execute your blog posts can be impossible. At Medical Content Solutions, our professional staff can help capture your voice and connect with your audience. We work with our clients to ensure that they get meaningful content that helps show their work positively. If you would like some additional help to get your story in front of your community, contact us today

Why Should You Hire an Agency to Write Your Healthcare Press Release?

We work with a wide range of clients that need a healthcare press release. We continue to have the same discussions with our clients as they transition from writing their content to bringing in professionals. They all feel like they should have the ability to write their content, but they face several difficulties. 

Professional content agencies with experience in your field may have some innovative insight and ability that makes outsourcing your content a great decision. 

Captivating Content for a Healthcare Press Release

Professional teams have experience writing press releases that connect with audiences. While you may know your product or idea inside and out, content teams can merge your thoughts with your audience in an exciting way that makes people more likely to want more information about your practice!

Results-Oriented Writing

As medical professionals, it’s unlikely that you’d suggest your patients start taking medication advice from their auto mechanic. In the same way, professional writers know the most up-to-date tips and tricks to give your healthcare press release the reach and impact that you want. Backlinking, SEO Research, and Google algorithms can feel daunting and complicated. Our team has this down to a science. 

Reduce Your Workload

As a professional, you have better things to focus on — your patients. It takes a lot of time and energy to write, edit, format, and publish your press releases. At McDonald Content Solutions, we want to provide you with great content that saves you time and energy. 

How to Find a Healthcare Press Release Writer

Ask for Samples 

While we never suggest that you ask a professional writer to work on your project for free, it is entirely acceptable to ask them for samples of work that may be similar to yours. Many writers maintain huge portfolios of their work. You can quickly review their style and content to make sure they can capture your voice. 

Get Recommendations

More medical professionals are enlisting the help of professional writers to help them meet their content needs. If you are looking for a writer to help with your press release, ask some of your colleagues. Likely, you won’t have to go far to get the names of a few great writers. 

Hire an Agency for your Healthcare Press Release

We hear from many of our clients that they tried to hire freelance writers on their own. However, trying to manage additional contractors, ensure they make deadlines, proper editing, and those writers are still available if reviews are needed. 

Instead, hiring an agency offers a full staff at your disposal. You’ll have a client manager, writer, editor, and review team. An agency can meet sudden increases in your needs. Finally, an agency is far more likely to be available over time. You don’t need to spend time hiring a new writer for every new project. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your press releases!