Why Should You Hire an Agency to Write Your Healthcare Press Release?

We work with a wide range of clients that need a healthcare press release. We continue to have the same discussions with our clients as they transition from writing their content to bringing in professionals. They all feel like they should have the ability to write their content, but they face several difficulties. 

Professional content agencies with experience in your field may have some innovative insight and ability that makes outsourcing your content a great decision. 

Captivating Content for a Healthcare Press Release

Professional teams have experience writing press releases that connect with audiences. While you may know your product or idea inside and out, content teams can merge your thoughts with your audience in an exciting way that makes people more likely to want more information about your practice!

Results-Oriented Writing

As medical professionals, it’s unlikely that you’d suggest your patients start taking medication advice from their auto mechanic. In the same way, professional writers know the most up-to-date tips and tricks to give your healthcare press release the reach and impact that you want. Backlinking, SEO Research, and Google algorithms can feel daunting and complicated. Our team has this down to a science. 

Reduce Your Workload

As a professional, you have better things to focus on — your patients. It takes a lot of time and energy to write, edit, format, and publish your press releases. At McDonald Content Solutions, we want to provide you with great content that saves you time and energy. 

How to Find a Healthcare Press Release Writer

Ask for Samples 

While we never suggest that you ask a professional writer to work on your project for free, it is entirely acceptable to ask them for samples of work that may be similar to yours. Many writers maintain huge portfolios of their work. You can quickly review their style and content to make sure they can capture your voice. 

Get Recommendations

More medical professionals are enlisting the help of professional writers to help them meet their content needs. If you are looking for a writer to help with your press release, ask some of your colleagues. Likely, you won’t have to go far to get the names of a few great writers. 

Hire an Agency for your Healthcare Press Release

We hear from many of our clients that they tried to hire freelance writers on their own. However, trying to manage additional contractors, ensure they make deadlines, proper editing, and those writers are still available if reviews are needed. 

Instead, hiring an agency offers a full staff at your disposal. You’ll have a client manager, writer, editor, and review team. An agency can meet sudden increases in your needs. Finally, an agency is far more likely to be available over time. You don’t need to spend time hiring a new writer for every new project. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your press releases!