5 Skills of Professional Medical Ghostwriting

Building your medical practice’s website ensures that you have an online presence that allows potential patients to find you. Once your site is live, the real work begins to ensure that you provide the stories that connect your audience with your work. Of course, you’re busy caring for patients, and creating informational yet relevant content can easily slip your schedule. Like most medical practices, if you have fallen into this trap, consider hiring a professional writer to create content using medical ghostwriting.

Experience in the Medical Ghostwriting Industry

Many content agencies focus on any paying client they can get. While this strategy can help to reel in business for the agency, it leaves you with a poor product. Medical content can be tricky. Patients depend on accurate and understandable medical content. However, the content on your website is only as good as the writer.

Professional writers in the medical industry need to have a proven background. The translation of nuanced medical language is critical for your patient’s understanding. If you are looking for a medical writer, be sure to ask if they have handled projects similar to yours. It is always okay to ask for relevant samples of their writing.

Unfortunately, just about everybody believes that they have what it takes to be a professional writer. While this might be okay in other industries, your patients look to your website for authoritative and informative material. Education is another important factor to consider.

At Medical Content Solutions, we only employ writers with a minimum of three years of medical writing background and hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in English or related fields. All of our editorial staff and fact-checkers hold a postgraduate degree. This means that our team has to have the ability to conduct thorough research and utilize critical thinking to translate scientific articles into meaningful content for your audience.

Effective Communication

Of course, the best ideas are useless if your audience does not understand the point. When you are looking for writers, ensure that they write in straightforward terms. Medical Content Solutions utilizes a multi-stage approach that guarantees that our content is factually and grammatically correct and has a suitable readability score for your clientele.

Top-Notch Research Skills

The best medical writers don’t regurgitate information that is readily available on the market. Just as your medical practice maintains continuing education to stay relevant, writers have to research and understand the cutting-edge technologies that are developed every day. This allows our team to keep you ahead of the competition because of their diligent research abilities.

Ability to Capture Your Voice 

In today’s market, your patients do not come to your website to be talked into a sale. Instead, they already know that they need your services. They may have been referred to you for a specific condition or diagnosis. One of our most popular offerings utilizes medical ghostwriting. When you use our ghostwriting services, our staff will make sure that we convey the information in a manner that sounds like you. We connect you with your patients through your stories and experiences.

Proven Results

You need a team with a track record of helping other medical professionals build and maintain their websites. Always ask for relevant samples of writing. However, be aware that many professional writers produce work under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that protects their clients’ anonymity and may not be available for your review.

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Accurate Medical Content and Your Blog

It’s important to have accurate information for any online content. However, fully vetting medical content for accuracy is especially important. When current or potential clients check out a medical professional’s website, they expect the content is well-written and fact-based. It’s no wonder that some medical professionals may feel a little unsure about handing over their blog or other ghostwriting projects to a content agency. However, a few simple steps should put your mind at ease and guarantee that the content is well-written and correct. 

Hire Experienced Medical Content Writers

Choose only the best content agencies in the industry to take over your writing projects. There are a few especially important points to consider:

  • Medical writing experience
  • Education
  • Quality of writing

Only the most professional agencies have a review process for their writers. Keep in mind, you have the right to know the skill-level of the writers working on your project. Be sure to ask what type of experience and minimum qualification the agency requires from their writers. 

Quality Research Skills for Medical Content

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll quickly see that there is a large amount of information on the web about most medical topics. However, high-quality medical writers are aware of the most useful resources in the medical community, including:

  • Healthline
  • WebMD
  • Medical News Today
  • National Institutes of Health
  • And other prestigious and medically reviewed sites.

Of course, professional medical writers know to avoid blogs, opinion-based content, and other resources that aren’t fact-checked.

In-House Fact-Checking Process

All medical agencies should have an in-house fact-checking process. However, content should not only be well-written, but it should undergo a fact-check for accurate information. An agency that handles this type of content is happy to share their process with you. While the professional medical client will certainly review the blog or article, medical writers should do their due diligence to ensure that they have provided a factual blog the first time around. This cuts down on the back and forth time it takes to complete the project. 

Contact McDonald Content Solutions 

Medical content requires a level of knowledge that the average writer doesn’t always have. At Medical Content Solutions, we make sure that each of our writers has a minimum of a BA in English or Communications, plus three years of medical writing experience.

All of our content is checked for facts and ease of reading. If you want your content to be well-written and accurate—please reach out to us for your customized content package. We look forward to working with you!