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Content Types and Why They Matter

If you want to get your message to connect, you have probably been looking at different approaches. There are many different forms of writing that you can use, but each has a specific purpose. It is important to understand your goals before you start your content strategy. That’s why we created a short introduction to a few content types and why they are beneficial.


One of the most common content types out there is blogging. Blogging is huge in the digital world. However, when you think of blogs, it’s not just for posting up cute cat pictures or documenting your recent travels and then being able to share that with all of your friends. Instead, many businesses are seeing the importance of blogging about their specific industry. Blogs offer a few critical benefits: 

  • They are fast resources to spread information to a wide audience on your website. Blogs tend to range between 300-2000 words. 
  • Blogs are quickly found and utilized by Google to help rank your website for organic searches.
  • This form of content can cover various topics and increase your audience interactions when utilized regularly. 
  • Blogs tend to be one of the most cost-effective means of advertising.

There are a few other things that you should consider when starting a blog on your professional website. Consistency is a major factor in building a blog that has a maximum impact. Some professionals blog once a quarter and other businesses put out multiple blogs every single day. The key is to know what is necessary for your audience and stick to it. 

For additional benefit, you should also consider other ways to create effective medical content to get the most value. These include backlinking to your website, utilizing SEO and keyword research, and including a CTA (call to action) that helps to drive sales of your product or service. 


Ebooks are a great way to bring value to your audience but are also one of the longest forms of content types out there. They are often used as an enticement to get people to give you their contact information or provide supplemental information. Many healthcare professionals utilize ebooks to cover topics that their patients may have been recently diagnosed with. 

Ebook content can range anywhere from about five pages to 50 pages in length, especially if you consider utilizing a layout that is full of images, graphs, and other charts. Ebooks must have value for your audience. Ebooks on relevant topics will increase your credibility and trustworthiness, while missing the mark will make you appear unprofessional and out of touch. 

Typically, this form of content is more time-consuming than other options. For this reason, many individuals choose to hire a professional writer to handle this task. Of course, to ensure that you add value to your work, it’s important to use writers who specialize in your field. 

Press Releases

This content is designed to be pushed out to other publications. A press release should spread the word about something big that’s happening in your office. Is your office the first in the area to start using a cutting edge medical approach? Have you been published in a major publication for your expertise? Is your office expanding to a new location or bring on a phenomenal new staff member? If any of these is pertinent to you, a press release could be the perfect way to make sure you get the recognition. 

Additionally, well-written press releases can create additional media. Press releases commonly produce requests from news agencies or local publications that want to run a story. While many practices attempt to write press releases without a professional’s help, this is one of the most important content pieces. You can’t afford to get it wrong. Without the proper tone or editing, your press release can become a PR nightmare.

Website Content

New or outdated websites need to ensure that they have the best information on all of their pages. Over time, some content can become dated or irrelevant. If you’re building a new website, then you need to make sure that your launch produces a website that looks full, authoritative, and provides valuable information for your patients. 

Website content helps to explain every step and angle of your practice. You will want to have a page that explains each of the medical and healthcare procedures you offer. Additionally, you probably want to build rapport with your potential clientele. We find that staff biographies, mission statements, and discussions about why your community is important to you help connect your audience with your practice. 


Let Us Handle Your Content

There are a variety of t content types and approaches for every practice. However, content that isn’t properly used or optimized for your specific practice can be ineffective. Even worse, content that isn’t well-written can make you appear unprofessional and sloppy. If you’re considering creating any type of medical content for your practice, contact us today. We have a team of fully vetted writers that are ready to tackle your healthcare content needs!