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How Can You Create More Effective Medical Content?

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Today, it’s not as easy as just throwing a sign in front of your practice and getting patients to walk in the door. Instead, healthcare practices also have to spend an increasing amount of time becoming effective marketers by using medical content. While many healthcare organizations understand the need to produce an appealing website, getting down to the details can be more complicated. 

With time split between caring for patients and running the business side, your organization must be efficient with their time in creating medical content that works for you. We’ve created a list of some of the most important things to focus on when creating medical content for your website.

Understand the Types of Medical Content

All writing isn’t created equal. A number of your competitors are likely utilizing various approaches when it comes to creating great content that connects with your audience. When you consider content, it is vital to think about what your intent is. You can write blogs, emails, newsletters, ebooks, social media posts, informational brochures, and many more. Knowing your audience and getting the right message delivered through the proper format can make a well-timed message reach even further. 

Consider the Google Algorithm

While everybody wants to rank on the first page of a related Google Search, anybody is lying to you if they say they have it ALL figured out. In the early iterations of search engines, merely having the search phrase appear the most times in your writing would get you a higher ranking. As soon as companies figured this out, they developed the practice of keyword stuffing. Fortunately, Google caught on to this and not only ignored keyword stuffing but penalizes it. While the algorithm is continuously changing and evolving, companies know one thing holds – Google wants to make sure that users find the ANSWERS to their questions when they click on your link. 

So what does that mean for your writing? Make it meaningful and helpful. Google is always trying to sniff out cheating; that’s great news for people who write amazing content! 

Use titles for your online content that accurately describes the intent of your article. Utilize appropriate research, and make sure that you are giving people the information that they want. Speak with your authority and knowledge about topics that are interesting to your patients. 

Start a Blog

Blogs aren’t just the ramblings of people stuck behind a computer screen anymore. Instead, they are a great way that you can connect your community with your website. A blog allows you to write about a variety of topics that may be helpful to your patients. The blogs are easily searchable once on your website. Over time, your blog can become a library of knowledge that is particularly useful to your patients. 

When you consider writing a blog, we suggest that you utilize evergreen content. This means that you write about topics that apply to your audience over a long period. While posts about a specific event might be helpful for the short-term, likely, it won’t continue to bring traffic to your website a few years down the road. 

Keep it Local

While ranking at the top of a search engine for a specific medical procedure can feel like a significant accomplishment, it won’t keep patients coming through your doors if the searchers are in a different country! Many healthcare practices don’t realize that you aren’t trying to beat out every single competitor on the planet, but you need to make sure that you’re at the top of the list when it comes to your local searchers. While there are various tactics that marketers use to help your local search ranking improve, you can start by using language in your content that indicates the state, county, town, or neighborhood where you practice. 

Know Your Limits

Keeping up with the changing world of marketing and content is a full-time job. If you’ve been considering the importance of updating your website or creating fresh new content, consider talking to us. We’ve got the experience and knowledge that you need to help connect your patients with your practice! 


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