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3 Things to Include in Your Staff Bios

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As you look through medical sites, you will find that other practices have similar content intended to drive traffic and inform patients. Often, countless hours are poured into a medical blog, newsletters, landing pages, and contact pages, but they are frequently missing a great opportunity: staff bios.

Customers that search for your website are looking for a professional that offers the services they need, but also someone that they trust. You and ALL of your competitors are probably offering roughly the same services, at least at face value. However, it’s your relatability that will play a huge role in attracting your next patient.

If you cannot get patients into your waiting room, you miss your opportunity to demonstrate what makes you different from the rest. You have to answer the question: What makes you the best choice?

Staff biographies allow you an opportunity to connect with your patients on a personal level. As your future patients look through your website, they may find a personal connection with your staff to immediately build trust and rapport.

At Medical Content Solutions, it’s our goal to help you connect with your audience. We’ve put together some of the most effective topics to cover when creating staff biographies.

Have a Quality Picture 

We all know the saying, “You only get one shot at a first impression.” The initial impression that a great photo can have on your visitors can swing them into action from the beginning.

While any picture is going to improve the appearance of a staff bio, there are some key things that you should consider.

Make sure it’s a photo that is of high quality. Blurry photos, over or underexposed photos, or pictures that are just too small can make it more difficult for your reader to identify the message you are trying to send. Consider bringing in a professional photographer to snap photos of your entire office staff.

Give the image character. While professional headshots are a safe play for many medical professionals, they often lack context. Scour the medical community, and you’ll find that many of your colleagues have an almost identical photo.

Instead, think about expressing yourself through a photo. Do you enjoy running? Can you use a picture from your last event? Consider including a photo of yourself doing something that you love.

Use Staff Bios to Tell a Story

This is an opportunity for patients to see what inspired you and your staff to start your practice. What makes you passionate about caring for other people, and how will your passion improve their patient care if they come to you?

As part of your story, you can weave in your background, where you grew up, where you went to school, if you have a family, or extracurricular activities. Personal stories generally allow patients to feel that they can look behind the curtain. Doing so may encourage them to discuss difficult issues, or select your office because you’ll have the personal insight they need.

Be Silly and Fun 

While your field often requires dedicated focus, concern, and professionalism, you can look for opportunities to lighten the mood. This is critical for professionals that work with children, but has a profound positive impact on most other fields.

Some examples of topics that you can use include topics such as:

  • Your favorite joke (clean and G-rated of course)
  • Your favorite ice cream flavor (and how many scoops!)
  • The favorite superhero
  • What superpower you would like to have
  • Your favorite song

Getting it Right

Staff bios can be difficult to write. Many staff members may feel uncomfortable writing about themselves. It can also sometimes be uncomfortable to talk to new staff members about their personal stories.

Medical Content Solutions offers staff biographies as one of the cornerstones of our content. We conduct thorough interviews with staff members to ensure that we capture the stories that will inspire them and their patients to schedule their initial appointment.

Contact us today for your free quote and let us help you connect with your patients.


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