Why You Should Hire a Niche Health Writer

Many healthcare companies struggle to produce enough content on their websites to generate organic search results. Several factors play in developing effective healthcare content that allows you to rank in search engines. A number of these factors are continually changing and take routine training and continuing education to understand. While many healthcare professionals know that they need to bring in outside help, they can often opt to cut corners or go with the first freelance writer they find. However, hiring a health writer specifically niched to medical content is your best play for content that connects and works! 

A Health Writer as a Specialist

Your content isn’t just a general issue. Every professional in the healthcare industry knows that you shouldn’t trust your health to the advice of just anybody off the street. If you have a specific issue, you need to work with somebody that understands your needs. Health writers provide great health content that is pertinent to your topic. They must know about the issues that they cover. You don’t want to have your patients getting inaccurate information from your website. That has the potential to damage the trust you’ve built in your community and damage your reputation. 

Why Generalized Writers Don’t Cut It

While many great general writers are out there, the likelihood that you’ll get a writer who understands your business’s needs is low. Additionally, while general writers may be good at writing about general topics, you need a team that provides excellent healthcare content for your clients. General writers do not have the background in the medical and healthcare industries that specialized healthcare content writers have. That means that complex topics might be misconstrued. Additionally, suppose you’re paying your writers at an hourly rate. In that case, a general writer will require more time to adequately complete the appropriate research and convert that into an understandable document for your audience. 

Why Medical Content Is Special

Some factors mean that you need a medical writer to help with your website content. One of the most significant issues is that your needs are different from a lot of other markets. Healthcare providers typically don’t need to have pages that rank nationally. That means that your writer has to understand how to write your content for your unique audience strategically. 

Additionally, niched writers will have an in-depth understanding of topics that are relevant to your business. Bringing on a niche writer may also help you develop your content strategy in a meaningful way. They may even be able to suggest topics because of their experience. 

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Bringing on a health writer is an excellent decision for practices throughout the healthcare industry. If you are looking for a great team to add to your project, consider bringing McDonald Content Solutions onboard. We have a full staff of vetted and trained healthcare writers and produce unique medical content with our team of editors and project managers. This provides you with an incredible opportunity to build your entire content strategy with a single point of content. We’ll shoulder the burden of your healthcare content, so you can focus on what’s important – your practice and your patients.