Start Your Medical Blog During Covid-19

It’s no secret that our daily routines have been altered by Covid-19. Individuals throughout the world are being forced to either stay home or work from home. While there are definitely some drawbacks in our daily lives, this change also allows for unique opportunities. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start your medical blog!

Recent studies suggest that people across the age spectrum are spending considerably more time behind screens than our pre-coronavirus days. However, if your website is not properly updated, you could be missing out on new patients as we speak (or…read). 

Patient Research

Even before the current crisis, patients have been considerably more internet savvy. They want to make sure that they review their choices in an incredible number of ways that affect their lives. Think about the importance of online reputation when you decide where you’re researching what movie to see or where to eat out. Right now, people are even more interested in what type of medical care is out there. This alone makes for a great reason to start your medical blog. 

The choice of a medical professional is no different. While many of your potential patients come to your site because they were directly referred, your online presence can be the difference between a booked appointment or moving to your competition. 

Having an authoritative website does not mean that your patients will scroll through every one of your articles, blogs, and staff biographies. Still, it does mean that you’d better have all of that information available when they click. In addition, search engines can rank you higher if you have pertinent information spread throughout your site. Typically, the top three sites get more than 50% of the market share when it comes to clicking the link (and links on page 2 get less than 1%). Fortunately, you don’t have to rank at the top of all of Google in a worldwide sense, but you do need to outrank your local competitors. 

Building a Full Site

Google constantly changes their algorithms to discourage cheating. Previous SEO, or “search engine optimization” practices, allowed websites to “keyword stuff”. This method made it impossible to read and understand. Now, websites get punished and downranked for the practice. 

Being an authoritative voice that helps to answer the question your patient might have can actually help get you ranked higher. This means that having well-researched and concise information throughout your webpage can help you beat out some of your competitors without ever knowing a keyword. 

Go Further

To further increase your reach, you might consider bringing on your own team of professional writers. Additionally, capitalizing on the current market is critical, and medical professionals are busy! 

At Medical Content Solutions, we only utilize medical writing professionals. At a minimum, we require that all of our writers have a Bachelor’s degree in English or a related field plus three years of medical writing experience. 

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