10 Nov

3 Reasons Medical Jargon Hurts Your Healthcare Blog

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When many healthcare professionals create an attractive website with informative medical content, they often want to let their audience know that they are experts in their field with their healthcare blog. Unfortunately, this often comes with burdensome language that can bog down your typical patient and even push them away from your practice. 

Medical Jargon Can Be Confusing

While you already know the complicated terms associated with the diseases or medical conditions you work with, your patients don’t. Unfortunately, many people may not understand the meaning of specific references, either unnecessarily scare patients.

We recommend that when healthcare practices create their content that they keep it simple. Your content does not have to be the complete authority on a topic but should allow a patient to understand why they need to enlist a professional’s help. 

A Complex Healthcare Blog Reduce Readership

You only have a few seconds to hook your reader and get them to read through the entire document. Additionally, if they find that your content is too complex, they’ll give up and click on your competitor’s page to try to get their answer. Keep your writing at an appropriate level for people of ages to understand. The reading level can be even more important, depending on your patient demographic. 

Healthcare Jargon is Not SEO Friendly

When you write your healthcare blog, it should be doing double duty. You want each piece of content to be informative and help demonstrate your commitment and authority in your field. You also want to ensure that your content is showing up in search engines and getting your website to rank higher than your competitors. 

Using common terminology that your patients are looking for has a higher potential to bring in new patients. You should be using terms that are generally known. The word “Liver” is searched for almost a million times per month. In contrast, “acute glomerulonephritis” yields less than 5,000 searches per month. 

Creating the Perfect Healthcare Blog

Writing the best blogs that help educate your audience and get more patients into your practice is a delicate art. Maybe you’ve seen that content is the most cost-effective method to increase website traffic as a long-term strategy. Creating great healthcare content isn’t an easy task, so you shouldn’t trust a general writer. Instead, consider Medical Content Solutions. We specialize in healthcare and medical writing so that you get engaging, accurate, and effective content for your website. Get started with us today!

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