4 Jul

How a Physician Website Connects with Patients

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Patients are always looking for ways to connect with their physicians. Long before they call your office or walk through your door, they have likely already started getting to know you. This search for information is why you must have a thorough website with as much relevant medical content as possible. Let’s discuss some of the key ways that a physician website can connect with patients.

Provider Bios on Physician Website

If you haven’t already, you should consider including a provider bio on your physician website. Not only does it offer an overview of your education, experience, and specialization, but it is also an excellent opportunity to provide some personal information that will make you more relatable to your patient. You may want to include details such as where you grew up, your favorite sports team, or the hobbies that you enjoy the most.

Updated Physician Blog

An updated physician blog says a couple of things about your practice. First, it means that you are using your website to connect with patients by providing updated and relevant medical information. It also gives the impression that you are up-to-date on current trends. People will likely Google your practice before they schedule a consultation. Make sure your blog is current and filled with patient-friendly information.

Monthly Newsletters

Monthly Newsletters are a terrific way to let patients know about any special messages you may want to share, changes in your staff, or even more about your service offerings. Consider including a monthly newsletter in your content strategy to go one step further in engaging your audience.

Informational Physician Website Content

A physician website is an excellent platform for providing information to your current and future patients. You may want to offer a FAQ section to answer questions that your patients commonly have about your services or more information about specific health concerns.

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