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4 Tips for Writing a Great Physician Newsletter

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If you are not using a physician newsletter but want to figure out how to connect with your patients, you miss a great opportunity. Newsletters can help you reach your patients with valuable information on a quarterly, monthly, or even weekly level.

However, we find that many newsletters cannot connect. Newsletters can also quickly become another to-do item on a long list of staff responsibilities. Here are a few tips for writing a fabulous physician newsletter!

Be Brief and Engaging in Your Physician Newsletter 

Research suggests that it takes under a minute for your patients and potential patients to look over your newsletter. This information can seem like some great news for some offices. While you don’t need a lot of text to reach your audience, you need to consider the different subjects you will cover.

One approach is to ensure that your current newsletter focuses on issues pertinent to the current timeframe. This means that physicians can focus on topics like dehydration in the summer months, and skiing injuries in the winter.

Additionally, rather than give long sections of text, break up your newsletter with pictures that illustrate the topics, and utilize catchy headings to the different sections.

Your Physician Newsletter is Not a Sales Pitch

While the result of your newsletter is to engage patients and keep them thinking about your services, it is essential to avoid coming across with a gimmicky sales pitch. Instead, utilize your newsletter to convey your authority on your area of expertise.

Newsletters can be used to bring patients up to speed on changes in-office staff, additional locations, or the newest technology that your office is offering. The purpose of this document is to allow your patients to feel like a part of your family and medical team.

While you should avoid the appearance of a sales ad, a newsletter can subtly notify your patients about relevant information. For example, you may want to include that you’re offering a discount for referrals, or a specific service for the month.

Utilize Your Platform

Doctors often feel like they should only distribute their newsletters with a single method. Once you have crafted a great newsletter, you want to be sure that your audience can read and interact with it.

Rather than mail out your newsletter in an email, you should also consider uploading it or linking your newsletter to your social media accounts too. This allows you to spread it to your current patients and reach further into your local market. You may even want to mail a hard copy depending on your patient demographic.  Many individuals feel that receiving a piece of mail from you is the equivalent of a greeting card.

Get it Completed

Of course, all of these tips are useless unless you begin and complete your newsletter. At Medical Content Solutions, we understand that you and your staff are busy taking care of your patients’ needs. We offer a variety of writing services to meet all of your needs. Contact us today for a free quote.


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